What is a Home Check Service?

A Home Check Service is designed to give you piece of mind while your away from home. Your home will be inspected by following our personalized checklist, looking for any potential problems. If a situation does arise, we will notify you so the issue may be addressed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We provide you with a single point of contact for your property.

Who can benefit from a Home Check Service?

  • Absentee owners
    • Providing peace of mind that your valuable asset is being looked after in your absence.
  • Frequent Travelers
    • Providing the appearance of an occupied home by picking up papers, flyers and fallen yard debris while your away.
  • Second Home Owners
    • We are your eyes and feet on the ground to maintain your asset while you are away for extended periods.
  • Short Term Rentals
    • Readying your investment property for each new tenant and identifying issues to be rectified through their deposit upon their departure.
  • Children of Senior Parents
    • We can be there when you can’t be present for deliveries or maintenance on the home.

Ways you benefit.

  • Identify issues a home alarm system can’t such as a downed fence or visible water leak.
  • Give the appearance of an occupied residence by picking up papers, flyers and fallen yard debris.
  • Not having to rely on your neighbors. Your neighbors have busy lives too and may not always be available.
  • Provides peace of mind.

How do you insure my privacy?

We respect and take seriously privacy, security and confidentiality of you and your home. We will never share your information without your knowledge and approval.

Our vendors are vetted by Coastal Ready and adhere to our expectations of service.

We will arrive at your property for a Home Check or consultation in an unmarked vehicle.

How do you handle a non-emergency situation? 

We will contact you to discuss a course of action. You, the property owner have full control and the final say regarding work to be completed.

Is it affordable?

From beach cottages to luxury estates we’ll have you Coastal Ready.

Our standard service fees are based upon the size of your property starting at just $100. per month. Our services such as Home Organization and Home maintenance are billed at $50. per hour. We are conscious of your hard earned dollars and of our time spent. We charge only for the time spent addressing the task.

Every property visit is documented and the checklist including photos is delivered via email.

Service Areas:

Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Bayshores, Beacon Bay, Belcourt, Big Canyon, Castaways, Corona del Mar, Cliff Haven, Collins Island, Dover Shores, Harbor Ridge, Harbor View Hills, Kings Road, Lido Isle, Linda Isle, Newport Coast, Newport Island, Newport Shores, Peninsula Point, One Ford Road, Port Streets, Sea Island, West Newport 23Web